Giving of thanks

For Thanksgiving Anton, Mikey and I headed up to Anton’s pal Andrea’s parent’s house near Dallas.

Despite being total ring-ins, they welcomed us as if we were long-lost Australian cousins. We were plied with masses of food, wine and various other beverages, and serenaded with lil’ dities played on harmonica.

After a little after-lunch nap we drank more wine, and watched the Football, before eating even more.

In the evening we headed out to Gaylord Texan (ahem!), which is a massive hotel/resort type thingy. It was pretty impressive I must say, although perhaps a little overdone for my tastes. It would be pretty cool to live in an apartment complex like that, with a massive internal atrium where the weather’s always 78˚.


We stopped by the bar and had a couple of margaritas, even if they did come out of a slushie machine they weren’t too bad. I had a little jet-lag induced nap in the comfy seats as well.

After a bit of gratuitous down-escalator-up-running, we headed home for a very restful night in Andrea & Nancy’s caravan. Restful in the sense that we were sharing it with two dogs and two rabbits – one of which was looking to score, no prizes for guessing. Zzzzz.

I slept in this morning, trying to catch up on lost sleep of late, and general jet-laggedness – but also to avoid another massive meal. Alas when I got up at 10:30 I had my own private breakfast cooked for me! The horror.

Best Thanksgiving e.v.e.r!

There’s a few random pics from around Austin here as well. The ones from my phone are a bit crappy, but you get the idea. I particularly like this one, don’t you forget it.

I’ve also stolen the best of Mikey’s photos.

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Sydney → LAX → Austin

Hi y’all, here’s a few pics from my flight the other day. I had a window seat on both flights, which was sweet, I love looking out the window.

Some of these have been digitally enhanced for your viewing pleasure.

The city shots are all of L.A. The final sunset shot is here in Austin the night I got in, from the hotel I almost didn’t stay in, complete with scenic Lexus dealership views!

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Tijuana Sunrise


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Farewell Alli!

Last Sunday a motley bunch gathered at our place for a little BBQ action to farewell Alli.

It was the first time we’d had any real gathering at the new place, and it worked out quite well. The front yard’s really nice and secluded, and with the addition of a few couches and tables it’s the perfect lounge room! Weather permitting.

Clare lent us her little BBQ and we cooked up a dizzying array of sausages, sausages .. sausages, oh and some steak and veggies and stuff too. I think Jeremy Le chef Kerr even did some chicken wings, gourm ey?!

Finn had the crazy idea that we should all play soccer. We kept putting it off and off, but eventually we started playing – after about 9 sausages and 14 beers each, errrrk.

It was actually a great game, I haven’t played for years, I’d forgotten how much fun soccer is. I also like that it’s basically a no brainer in terms of what to do, anyone can pick up the gist of it pretty much straight away, something that can’t be said for other sports, cough cricket cough.

We ran out of beer in the early evening, which proved to be detrimental to the party vibe. In hindsight we should have just bought some more, instead we eventually ambled down to the Tradies. But we lost a few punters along the way.

All in all a fine gathering, and a fitting farewell for a girl who’s brought so much chaos, excitement, insanity and laughter to all of us. She will be missed!

Look out Spain, she’s coming your way!

ps. Apologies for the crapness of the photos, we didn’t pay much attention to taking decent shots.

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We coined a new phrase at the office the other day:

You’ve got two chances choices, Buckley’s and WorkChoices.

Spread it!

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Apple were right!

PPC64 is a dying dead architecture!

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First they came for the Muslims ..

So the government is claiming they must pass new Terror legislation because of a “specific threat”, which of course they can’t tell us anything about. Riiiiiight.

This is the slippery slope, we’ve been down it before.

with thanks to Martin Niemöller

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Mystery #2


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